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Rich dad said, “If you want to be rich, work for passive income.”Small finance app that shows you where your money is.This personal financial assistant will help you to effectively manage your budget and assets, reduce expenses and save money up.
If you are interested in the books "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki and "The Road To Financial Freedom" by Bodo Schaefer, then this app is for you.
Make list of your assets. Increase passive income.
Passive income - income without having to work.Assets - things that put money in your pocket.Liabilities - things that take money out of your pocket.
Assets: real estate, royalties, and distributions, paper assets such as stocks, bonds,...Liability: real estate as your personal residence, car, credit,...
Increase your assets. Reduce liabilities. And you will see your income growing every day.
Using the program is simple: 1. add currencies;2. add cash account: cash, Bank, Deposit, etc.
Features: 1. managing incomes;2. auto calculation of amount;3. filters for currency and color;4. the conversion into the base currency;5. sorting;6. super safe and secure;7. password protection;8. saving/restoring a backup; 9. backup to disk is encrypted with AES-256;10. multiple currencies;11. multiple accounts;12. add new records extremely fast;13. currency converter;14. and many more.